Why am I writing about this paranormal event that doesn't even happen until late September? That's a great question and mainly because this is one of the hottest tickets in Boise.

The Old Idaho Penitentiary hosts events all year round that sell out in a 24-hour period. The one set of attractions that always seem to sell out quickest is paranormal and Halloween type of events. Idahoans must love their ghosts.

I'm writing about this specific event because tickets just went on sale. These Paranormal Investigations are massive hits and will be out of tickets soon. I've never been able to get a ticket in time because they're gone that quick.

Big River Paranormal will host and try to reach inmates and guards that live on the other side. That meaning, ghosts. BOO! Seriously, this is a big event as the team really does seak out paranormal activity with you. I don't know I just think of the Paranormal Activity movies and that's enough for me. All that said you are more than welcome to get freaked out. Tickets just went on sale and you must be 18 to attend. It looks like admission prices are $35 and I will post the link below. Good luck.


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