I just read that Idaho was in the top 5 at 89% of bouncing back in the economy. That's great, we still see the building going up, construction workers on the streets, and things moving forward.

That doesn't mean families are exactly moving forward. You can't just snap your fingers like that we're back to normal. Still, so much uncertainty for Treasure Valley families and the Idaho Food Bank will host two of their final food distribution events.

This is part of "Farmers to Families food box Distribution" events they've been doing around the Coronavirus. This is the USDA's Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) that has been going on all around the city and comes up to the final two locations. I'm not sure if we'll see more but as long as the need is here, we might see more.

I will list the two locations which take place in Boise and Nampa below. If you happen to be someone who can't make it out to these locations there is a special location map. You can just type in your zip code and it will direct you to the correct place.

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2020, beginning at 11 a.m. in Caldwell (O'Connor Field House Grounds)
  • Thursday, August 27, 2020, beginning at 3 p.m. in Garden City (Expo Idaho)


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