It's probably fair to say that we've become accustomed to Idaho being top of many lists of "best in the U.S.", but a new list is out, and frustratingly, we're at the bottom.  What is it? 

Internet speed.

Broadview Networks has compared speeds of all 50 States, and this may be no surprise to you, but we in Idaho experience the slowest internet speeds in the country.  This is compared to Washington D.C., who has the highest across the nation.

While this can be frustrating if you've moved to the Gem State from somewhere with higher speeds, we've actually improved from 7.7 Mbps in 2014 to our current 10.6 Mbps status today.

This is, of course, an average, so areas of the Treasure Valley may do better than the average while our more remote cities probably experience far worse speeds.

Our neighboring states has far better results than we do, as Utah placed 6th, Washington was 10th, Oregon 18th, Nevada 23rd, Wyoming 37th, and Montana 39th.

For more on the results and methodology, check out the report from Broadview Networks.


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