One of the advantages many Idaho online shoppers enjoy is being able to purchase from most retailers without having to pay sales tax.  That could be changing soon.

A panel in the Idaho Senate has moved forward with a plan to collect sales tax for online purchases by Idaho residents.

The proposal is not passed yet, but has been moved from the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee to the Senate floor for debate.  The proposal has already passed in the House.

This is not the first attempt to put similar legislation into place, as Rep. Lance Clow (R) of Twin Falls has proposed the same measure five times before this one.

It could be a very beneficial tax avenue for Idaho, as it would require retailers doing at least $10,000 in business in Idaho to collect the tax.  Clow's estimates are that this measure could bring in anywhere between $22 million to $37 million annually in sales tax.

In theory, Idahoans already "owe" taxes on online purchases, but since so many retailers don't collect them, they are not pursued.  This would change that.

You can read more from US News & World Report.

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