Free WIFI Hotspots Throughout the Treasure Valley
Here's a nice little gift during this really difficult time. WIFI can be one of those annoying expenses, and if your house is like mine, it doesn't even work very good half the time! Thanks to Sparklight, if you don't have WIFI you can use these hotspots and stay connected.
The Anti-Ashley Madison is Here is the place that people go to cheat on their sig others and spouses, and now a new website has popped up that's the anti version of that.  If you've been cheated on, you can find others there in the same boat.
People Are Putting Ice Cubes in Cereal
We can't get online without seeing pictures of food, but there's something new that's popping up alongside the photos of double cheeseburgers and Cuban sandwiches. One of the craziest new food trends is to put ice cubes in cereal.  Hmm.  What's the benefit?

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