I was honored to get to read to a Shadow Hill Elementary kindergarten class for Read Across America Day. But one little 5 year old put me in my place!

Mario Tama with Getty Images

I love Read Across America Day! Even though I am usually so nervous about stumbling over Dr. Seuss' made up words, I wouldn't pass this up for anything. I really get into it too with the sound effects and animated expressions.I picked Daisy-Head Mayzie and And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street to read this year. I like to read books I have never read before even though it increases the chance of me butchering the words.

My 18 kindergarteners were all sitting in front of me staring up at me with huge eyes, hanging on every word. I was really getting a rhythm going and feeling confident that I could handle the Dr. Seuss book. Then this tiny little hand in the front row goes up. I stop reading and say, "Yes?"

The sweetest little voice comes out of the most adorable blonde girl and she says, "Your voice is very loud and hurting my ears!" Then she claps her hands over her ears.

It was the cutest thing ever! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. So even though I needed to finish the book, I had to tone it down even when I got to the hook.

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Dr. Seuss!