Let's pretend there is a girl named Sally. At Christmas time, Sally only has one person that she exchanges Christmas presents with. It has become a tradition between the two that they only put one item on their wishlist. There are no surprises when they exchange gifts but they share the joy of knowing they are getting what they want for Christmas. And it takes away the stress of guessing what the other wants as you shop. Of course these are not extravagant gifts. Just something fun to get as a gift even though you know what is in the beautifully wrapped box that your friend hands you.

Now let's pretend that Sally gives her "list" of one item to her friend. She in return gets her friend's list. Sally goes out and buys her friend's gift. She wraps it and then exchanges it with her friend. Sally's friend is all smiles and laughs as always as she opens the gift, fakes the surprise and says the usual, "Oh my gosh, how did you know?" Now it's Sally's turn. She is surprised that the box is smaller than what she would think would fit the only gift on her list. She opens it and for the first time in this weird gift exchange, she really is surprised! It's not what she asked for. Not even close. Sally looks up at her friend with a confused look on her face. Her friend says, "I know it wasn't on your list, but I love these and always wanted one for myself so I thought you would love it to!" Now Sally honestly fakes a smile and gives an Oscar performance of loving this gift that was not on her list. Sally just got Scrooged!! If you have rules for your gift exchange you should stick to them. And if you don't have rules, then no complaining!

And that ladies and gentlemen is the definition of getting Scrooged at Christmas. There are tons of other examples other than what happened to our fictitious friend Sally.

  • Your husband buying you a vacuum cleaner.
  • Your mother in law buying you the book, "How to be a good Mom."
  • Your wife buying you a new tie.
  • Your boyfriend buying you an XL pair of thong panties with a string of pearls up the back.
  • Your sister buying you a new set of towels.
  • Your co-host buying you tupper-ware or Sham-Wow (Sorry Mike)

I want you to throw out the politically correct thoughts of "It was just nice of them to get me anything at all." This is serious stuff!

The Diamond Girls have generously given me a diamond to give away but we want to make sure it goes to a worthy home. We want you to be honest. Lay it out there, don't hold back! How did you get jipped at Christmas? No one wants socks for Christmas. Dad doesn't want another tie. A blow dryer should not count as a gift! You don't have to share who gave it to you.

If you post on this blog (below in the comment section) you can click the box that will keep it off Facebook so your loved ones won't see that you hate the hand knitted sweater that says, "I love cats" you got from Aunt Betty.

You can also call into Mike & Kate in the Morning on Monday between 6-8am at #376-5106 and share your "I Got Scooged" story anonymously on the air. Or post on Facebook and hopefully those bad gift givers will get the hint and shape up next year!!

The winner of this beautiful 1/3ct diamond, valued at $900 will be announced Tuesday, December 31st at 9:45am. Thank you Natalie and Lisa aka The Diamond Girls.

*NOTE:* This blog post is full of sarcasm!! Yes, we are all grateful that anyone remembered us at all. That said, have a little fun with this. Tongue and Cheek....how did you get Scrooged at Christmas??

~Kate McGwire

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