It's National Diamond Month! To celebrate, Natalie and Lisa, otherwise known as The Diamond Girls, have co-hosted the MIX Morning Show with Mike and decided to give away a beautiful 1/2 carat diamond. To win, you had to enter the actual retail value of the diamond. Closest guess won.

After 770 guesses, we're able to congratulate Nicole Dowell of Middleton for having the guess closest to the actual retail value. Three other people were within $5 of the correct price and one of those were within ninety cents of the correct guess, so it was very close.

The actual retail price is $2595.50.  Nicole's guess was $2598.65, missing the actual price by only $3.15

Congratulations to Nicole and a big thanks to the Diamond Girls for helping out on the show and giving a diamond away for National Diamond Month

Diamond Girls Diamond




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