Who knew that all I had to do was put a pair of reindeer antlers on my 100 pound black lab and that would be the key to unlocking my holiday spirit! Who knew?! I will admit, I am not my usual festive self this year. The holidays are my most favorite time of the year! My birthday is in December and everywhere you turn there is sugar cookie begging to be stuffed into my pie hole! I love the lights, the food, the parties, the movies, the Christmas tree, the gift giving and helping others...Love it!

But I just wasn't feeling it this past weekend like I normally do. Usually the minute Thanksgiving is over, I am gung-ho to get my tree up and decorate Skid Row with icicle lights! I brought all my stuff out over the weekend but still couldn't find the holiday cheer inside me to start decorating. I knew it was going to get cold later this week so it was crunch time to get the lights up outside. I told myself no matter what, I would get my little house in the hood, decorated. I did the outside first. The white lights on the grey day were sparking a little something for me, not a lot though.

After I fought with my icicle lights and decided one strand was fine vs the 6 I normally put up, then I went inside to start on the garland and the tree. I put Love Actually on and started opening up my totes of Christmas decorations. Got my tree up and plugged in the lights. Things were starting to sparkle a little more in my heart. I lit my Christmas Cookie candle. I hung my stocking. I pulled out my Twas The Night Before Christmasbook that was my Mom's as a kid. Things were definitely feeling more festive. Then, I found these ridiculous reindeer antlers that someone must have given me. I don't buy Gunner outfits. He is against being a dog and wearing clothes. He and I have had this discussion. He is not into it. I laughed and almost put them back, but then I thought it would be funny just to see what he would do. I put the antlers on him and immediately he looks miserable. I start to giggle. He pulls them off with his paw. I get my phone and put them back on his block head and quickly snap a photo before he can shed his reindeer antlers.

And in that moment of giggling and trying to decorate my dog, the Christmas spirit completely filled my heart. It was that simple. I am now ready to deck the halls, eat Christmas cookies till I have a full blown holiday muffin top in my brand new Super Skinny Jeans that I bought on Black Friday and belt out the one and only Mariah Carey song I like for the next 22 days! Bring it on Holiday Season 2013, I am now ready for you!