Someone pointed out to me that the Eastern side of Idaho looks like a face and after staring at electoral maps all week, I can't unsee it.

I've been staring at some sort of combination of red and blue maps for a week and I can't stop seeing this. When you look at the Eastern side of Idaho, the border of Montana, it looks like a FACE! Quite disturbing really. And I guess technically it wouldn't be Idaho's face, it would be Montana's but it's definitely staring at us.

idaho face marked

Maybe I'm late to the party on this but ever since it's been pointed out, it's all I see. I actually wish I didn't see it. It's like an ugly old man with the same nose I have. Is it me in the distant future? The other thing is, with this election never seeming to end, we're all seeing maps all day every day and I won't get get a break. Dang.

There was a series I saw some years back about how states got their shapes and it's so funny how some states are interesting and how some are just squares (looking at you Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah). I'm not sure what the story is as to why Idaho and Montana's border is the way it is. It obviously isn't natural, doesn't have to do with the ocean or anything, but I'm sure it's a hell of a story. Maybe we should just think of it as a friend in this lonely year of quarantine.

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