Feeling grumpy? Are you aggravated and just don't feel like smiling or being nice today? You are in the norm of Idahoans according to a few studies and polls.

Big Country News Connection ranked states based off of rude drivers. "Data Analysis Says Idaho Ranked Number 2 State for the 'Rudest Drivers'. Here is the breakdown for Idaho drivers. For every 1,000 Idahoans 47.5 show rude driving behavior. Road rage is no joke and we can do better.

Ready for another stat?

Lifestyle magazine Best Life released a list of all 50 states ranked from the nicest to the rudest and while the gem state didn't get the top spot, the top 10 isn't great.  Our neighboring states scored far kinder than we did.

So how did they come up with the list? They looked at indicators from other surveys, such as those for rudest cities and drivers, unfriendliness and impolite behavior trends and reports of issues with customer service employees. A deeper dig shows that they reviewed a Business Insider survey to confirm the rudest cities in the U.S. After weighing the urban areas based on how rude they were ranked. They then compared their populations to the total state population to calculate the percentage of the state that's rude.

Next, they pulled data from Insurify to get the percentage of rude drivers in each state (because road rage isn't a good look on anyone). Another layer was they factored in how unfriendly each state is based on a Big 7 Travel survey that polled 2.5 million social media followers. Lastly, we thought about bad behavior, whether that's through impolite words or actions. LivePerson, a company that offers live chat services, analyzed conversations with customer service agents across 500 brands to see which residents cursed the most. All of these metrics were run through our custom algorithm to determine each state's Rudeness Score.

Through all of this Best Life really did their homework to come up with this list. First lets take a closer look at our own gem state and then we will look into how our neighboring states did. Finally just for fun, I provide which state scored #1 rudest in the country - here's a hint, it isn't THAT surprising. Also for fun what state scored the least rude, or the kindest in the U.S.

How Rude is Idaho and Our Surrounding States?

Lifestyle magazine Best Life released a list of all 50 states ranked from the nicest to the rudest and while the gem state didn't get the top spot, the top 10 isn't great. Our neighboring states scored far kinder than we did.

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