Contrary to Idaho Belief Most Californians are Moving to OTHER States
It is no secret that a ton of Californians are moving out of the big state to find a different life elsewhere in the country. From earthquakes to wildfires to high taxes and many other reasons, can you really blame them? The most populous and economically rich state in the nation is slowly dwindling downward. So where are they moving to?
How Clean is Idaho? From Air Pollution, Clean Water and Environmental Friendliness, How do we Rank?
We are surrounded by nature and some of the most beautiful scenery available here in the gem state. From Boise the city of trees to having stunning lakes, rivers and streams throughout the state. So how clean are we really? No matter how pristine our surroundings are, every person in every state produces waste. Some though, create a lot more than others. Check out how Idaho and our surrounding states scored along with what state is the dirtiest in the nation.
The Most Haunted Hotel in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington
Said to be haunted by both former guests and employees, these hotels are for the thrill-seekers looking to hunt ghosts on their vacations. Here I have highlighted the most haunted hotel in Idaho as well as our surrounding states: Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington. Just in case you are a scream chaser and want to take a road trip to check out all of the top haunted hotels.
Woman Fined and Got Jail Time in Yellowstone
Madeline was charged with a week in jail and over $2,000 in fines after walking off-trail and onto thermal ground at Yellowstone National Park. Not only could this have destroyed her, it destroys the landscape and the parks preserve that cannot be fixed.

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