It's one of those things we like to just turn and look the other way.  We know it's happening.  We hope it's not happening here in the beautiful city of Boise, Idaho but IT IS.

Back in May KIVI TV broke a story about Amanda Forrest who was working at a local strip club here in Boise and eventually found herself in a nightmare of drugs, sex, coercion, and abuse.  The abuse that comes at you in such a bizarre manner that you don't know it's abuse until you're in it or it's over.

Forrest was just trying to get her feet on the ground and her next big goal was to buy a car.  She felt like THAT was a major step in getting a good job and moving forward in a positive way.  Her boyfriend started to take mental control, manipulating her into a world of human sex trafficking that ended with her broke, depressed, and lost.  Human trafficking is defined as a crime using force, fraud or coercion for the exploitation and trading of people for labor or a commercial sex act.  Her boyfriend would talk her into bad situations saying she would do this if she loved him or they don't have a choice right now and this is the last time or only time.  It sounds ridiculous to us but women in vulnerable situations receiving attention and what they think is love will do just about anything.

Forrest was "turned out" for 8-balls, alcohol, money and sometimes for simple favors.  She eventually became an alcoholic and showed signs of not only depression but PTSD.  She eventually found Inside Out Salon, a Boise non-profit run by Dawn Maglish, that was established to bring awareness, advocacy, and action to fight against human trafficking.  Through this organization, she found a steady job and a support group the led her to a normal life but the psychological and mental damage has been done.  What she's gone through will live with her forever.

Forrest wants women to know and understand that the threat is real and it continues here every day in Boise, Idaho.  It's everywhere  It's a $99 Billion industry and the only defense women have is knowledge, being aware, and staying strong.

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