Yes this sounds like a creative novel or the start of a comedy blockbuster, this really happened and the details are even more interesting. Abi Roberts, Bekah King, and Morgan Tabor met under unusual circumstances.

Abi is a 19 year old Utah State University Student, while 18 year old Bekah and 21 year old Morgan, who had never met before but both live in Boise. They had a mutual friend though, well a mutual boyfriend that is. As it turns out this guy was juggling at least six women between Idaho and Utah. Each women under false pretenses that they were the only woman. Morgan was the first to figure it out and then Bekah and Abi found out on the same day shortly after.

The Salt Lake Tribune talked to Abi and she said she was dating a guy for a few months until... “We were having a great time, and then around December, I got a text from two girls,” Roberts recounted in a recent interview. “One of them had a mutual friend with me, so that’s how she found my phone number, and she basically said, ‘Hey, are you dating this person?’ And I said yes. And they’re like, ‘Well, we’re both dating him, too.’ So that was a huge shocker.”

Abi said that the close bond the young women felt for each other was a healing bond and now they have remodeled a bus and travel the western United States together. The “BAM bus” crew (an acronym using the initial letter of their first names) has been able to help provide the adventure of a lifetime. While some may think this was some ploy to get back at the ex who wronged them, the ladies say that is not at all the case. It just so happened that something good came out of such a bad situation.

The BAM Bus Crew, Three Women Travel West Together after Finding Out They All Had the Same Boyfriend

The BAM Bus Crew, Three Women Travel West Together after Finding Out They All Had the Same Boyfriend who was lying to all of them

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