Someone Is Taking Treasure Valley Pets to Harm Them
I will never understand people like this in the world, but the Idaho Humane Society has reason to believe that there is someone going around stealing people's pets with the intention to harm them. Here's what you need to know.
Kuna Couple Charged With Starving Their Child
Nothing is more disturbing to me than the abuse or neglect of a child. Children and pets are helpless. They depend on us for their most basic needs and there is no excuse when we fail them. Nevertheless, it is happening in our own back yard.
Mike and Nicole's OPP
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I'm pretty desperate at this point.
I'm divorcing my husband because of emotional and domestic abuse. We have a two year old together, and it's been a pretty rough battle.
We tried to work out custody between us, and it was going well, until he took him and moved from Boise to Poc…
October Declared as Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Leaders from across the valley came together yesterday to declare October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
The Ada County Sheriff’s Office says over 4,400 calls were made to local law enforcement agencies last year related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse...
Elder Abuse Awareness
If you're driving through Ada County and see a flock of purple flamingos, you may think they are just colorful lawn décor. However, they are actually part of a fundraiser for the FACES Victim Advocacy Center.
30 homes and businesses around the county will be "flocked" wi…