Maybe you're a responsible human who's made sound financial decisions and your savings account has ten thousand dollars sitting in it. But you're probably saving that for emergencies and maybe a little bit of a vacation when the time is right. But what if you had ten thousand dollars in cold hard cash dropped in your lap; almost no effort on your part to acquire it? I hope you'd be more inclined to use it as fun money. You deserve it. And Mix 106 is giving you a chance to win cash- up to $10,000! Find all the details here. But more importantly, what are you going to do with all that extra dough?

Thankfully you have me, an expert on spending money in all ways not responsible, to guide you on a journey of frivolity and joy! Consider using that cash to be a kid again. Remember childhood and all the ridiculous things you said you'd do if you had the money? Don't let being grown up trick you into thinking you wouldn't enjoy those things today! After consulting with my kid, here's the kid approved way to spend $10K in one week.

Day 1: Start the week with a 4 hour trampoline party for you and 23 friends. In addition to 4 hours of running wild on all the bouncy attractions, Fly High Trampoline Park will accommodate your party with a host for set-up and clean-up of your table space which comes with paper goods and a fridge and freezer for whatever food you bring in. ($528). Easiest food for that situation is pizza! Order some Idaho Pizza Company to satisfy you and your guests. You're grown adults, so 5 slices of pizza per person sounds right. All that jumping will work up an appetite. ($205.90). Of course you'll need ice cream too. $204 gets everyone their own serving of ice cream from The STIL.

Day 2: Repeat this. The novelty won't have worn off after the first day. Trust me (my son). After tax you've spent right about $1000. Just $9000 to go!

Day 3: Time for a Wahooz/Roaring Springs Adventure. Snag the Triple The Fun package for you and those 23 friends (my kid's logic was bringing all his classmates). This gives you a full day of unlimited fun including Bumper Boats, Laser Tag, Ropes Course, Bowling, and of course all day admission to Roaring Springs. ($959.76)

Day 4: You had to know video games would be part of the equation. But you got money, so it's time for a virtual experience at VR1 Arcade. Rent out the whole store for 4.5 hours, ensuring everyone gets a turn at whichever experience they choose. There's a horror category that excites me as much as it scares me. But they have 14 categories to choose from, including racing and puzzle games. ($500). Catering is allowed, so might as well. Two Baker's Boxes and two Assorted Party Trays from Cinnaholic should do the trick. ($348)

Day 5: Everyone is floating the river today! Aleko's six person inflatable floating island is a perfect choice since you'll want to bring some drinks with you. It's got cup holders and a cooler situation. Four of those will transport your entire party down the river. ($1500)

Day 6 & 7: Are you exhausted yet? Well you have to finish the week with a huge Nerf war and a party the next day in a HUGE house. First, gotta rent the house. This Airbnb property in Meridian has space for 32 people. More than enough for a 24 person Nerf showdown. ($1562). Then each person needs an arsenal of Nerf guns. To keep it simple, everyone will have Halo guns; two per person ($2207.52). Then of course the party to celebrate the winner of the war. $1000 for food and snacks.

That's a grand total of $9953.08 (pre-tax) in one week. All spent on things that would make your inner child proud! I know the math is off once tax is included, but have your 23 friends split it!

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