We've always heard money doesn't buy happiness, but what if it could? Would you offer up $79 for a moment of happiness?  Most people would.

If you've found happiness, you have something other people would pay for!

Time Magazine posted an article that said people want happiness so much that they'd pay a premium for it.  People are willing to pay $113 for love, and $79 for a moment of happiness.  Oh, and $83 to avoid fear, and $92 to avoid feeling sad.

The next time your husband argues about the $79 charge on the credit card for some time at the spa, just tell him you were buying a little happiness.  And when Mama is happy, everybody is happy.

One thing the article pointed out that I thought was super cool and made me want to take notice in my own life is this little nugget:  Your happiness is determined by how you allocate your attention.  We all have stress and regret, but if we focus on those things and give them too much attention. we will convince ourselves that we're not happy.  If we don't give them much attention and brush them off, we'll be happier.  Hey, that good advice was free!  Excellent.

I hope you've found love and happiness and that life is awesome!  If that's the case, you're sitting on a gold mine.

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