And just a place to rent not even to purchase, especially when you have a dog. But even worse when you have a big dog!

Getty Images - Kevork Djansezian

My fiance & I are trying to find a place of our own, just to rent. But I knew it was going to be difficult to find place because I have a 7yr old German Shepherd, he's a large breed & on the aggressive breed list. Yikes! :-/ Even though if he had to pass an interview he totally would, because he acts like a puppy. But that's not a requirement so there for that's out.

Anyways I started looking for a place at the end of March even though I don't need a place till June because I knew it was going to tough. I keep finding places on websites like HotPads, Trulia & Zillow. And they say they allow dogs & then I call or send an email & every time I get a "Sorry this property has been rented" or "Sorry we do not allow large dogs". And the one that's my favorite is when it says "Pet policy: Call for details", so I call and "Sorry we don't allow pets". Then why can't they just say that!

My point for saying all of this is, I would like to know if there's any tips out there from someone else whose had to deal with this chaos. Any helpful tips or words of wisdom?