There is much to see in Idaho and while a lot of people tend to favor hiking the beautiful trails of the Gem State, there is a whole other world out there that people seem to forget about - caves.

Now, I have to admit that I have a subtle irrational fear of caves that can be traced back to the handful of horror movies I've seen that take place in a cave. Despite that, I would totally explore some of these amazing caves in Idaho. Granted - I may not want to be at the front of a group exploring, the caves that Idaho has to offer are absolutely stunning and it appears that there's something for everyone.

Perhaps you're wanting a break from this summer heat? You might enjoy visiting Shoshone Ice Caves where it's cool year-round. Are you wanting to explore a cave that feels like something "out of this world", Idaho has a cave for that too!

Now, regardless of which cave you decide to explore, you'll need to keep safety at the top of your mind. According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), there are several ways you can ensure the safety of you and your fellow explorers but here are the major tips:

  • Tell people that aren't going with you where you are going - you don't want to get lost and no one knows where you are!
  • Be sure that you are wearing a helmet and gloves. The last thing you want is a loose rock falling on your head!
  • Bring essentials such as a flashlight (with extra batteries) and plenty of water.

It would be a good idea to check out the dozens of other safety tips on BLM's website before you explore these stunning Idaho caves.

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