Today was too beautiful of a day to sit inside. JD and I decided to grab lunch downtown and walk around for a bit. We came across a big group of people with strollers on the sidewalk. It was mostly mom's, a dad, and maybe a nanny or two with the kiddos.

The group is called Hike It Baby Boise! Hike it Baby is a parent group focused on getting families outside together enjoying nature in a safe and supported way!

They encourage time outdoors with family and I love that! This blurb from their local Facebook page says it all:

Our number one rule is to LEAVE NO HIKER BEHIND. If you have a blow out, need to feed your baby/child, have a fussy toddler, we are here for you. We have all been there, or are there now, or know it's coming.

Whether you were active before your baby came into your life or you just feel like it’s time to get out there, we are here to help jump start you back on that road to being active in a safe and supportive group. It's also our mission to open you up to a new community of friends who may be your neighbors, live across town, or across the nation.

If you're looking for a great way to be active, enjoy the amazing scenery Boise has to offer, and make new friends, check out this awesome group!