As we finish up February is it safe to say that most of us have given up on losing weight as our New Year's resolution? I hope not! I've finally hit my stride and am making real progress (famous last words, knock on wood, etc.). But I can't say it's always been easy. I mean, we're still living pandemic life. I want to eat my feelings about it. Thankfully I've learned to strike a better balance with my eating habits, and incorporating indulgent food doesn't completely derail me.

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria is cognizant that many of us are treading this line. Yes, we have goals for 2021 to get fit. But also we are living, breathing humans who can't help but crave pizza. I'm pretty sure we're hardwired at birth that way. It's a DNA strand of some sort, I'm sure. But I digress. The point is, with us hopeful chubsters in mind, Flatbread has blessed us with keto-friendly wood-fired pizzas containing just 6 net carbs!

To make a flatbread keto-friendly it will cost an extra $4, but that's the price you pay for eating pizza AND staying fit! With three Idaho locations (Boise, Downtown Boise, and Meridian), you're always a quick drive away from pizza night with the family, or your girlfriends, or your bros, or just by yourself because you deserve a pizza after your long day at work and killer workout!

Just be careful with their happy hour. Thirsty Thirty on Mon-Fri 4pm, 9pm-close, Fri & Sat offers 30% off all cocktails, drafts, and wines. And once you catch that buzz you're all the way not thinking about your carb intake. So be careful, but go ahead and treat yourself. You've earned it.

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