When I was telling my friends and different family members about my recent move to Idaho everyone was really excited about the opportunity but I did have multiple people tell me about Ice Cream Alley in McCall. Being new to the area and having never stayed in McCall before I knew nothing about this hidden little gem. But after doing some research online, this is one location that I will be seeking out!

Ice Cream Alley, is just that down an alley, although the line of people waiting gives it away. Mostly known for their huge portions of ice cream, this hidden secret is not just about quantity they made delicious treats too. Although if you ask for two-scoops you're going to get more than a pint of ice cream!

This community staple has been around for over 25 years, everyone get anxious as the doors open again as summer approaches. The friend who told me about Ice Cream Alley is normally in McCall for snowmobiling adventures, but said they would gladly meet me there in the summer too. ONLY if a trip to Ice Cream Alley is on the schedule.

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