My wife has been under the weather all week (not Covid) and we've been searching for tasty Treasure Valley soup spots, and here's our favorites so far!

Springtime in the Treasure Valley is beautiful but can leave a lot of people fighting allergies pretty aggressively. Or, maybe you caught a good ole fashion cold and have a hankering for soup! When I was a kid, my sister's first job was at a Chinese restaurant and one day I had caught a cold. My sister's boss introduced me to egg drop soup and I fell in LOVE, and totally attribute that soup to me getting over that cold. So naturally, when my wife came down with whatever this is (not Covid), I suggested some egg drop soup so we picked some up from Wok Fusion on Ten Mile and it was delicious and that helped her immensely.

Tonight, she was on another soup kick and we wanted to try something awesome so we headed over to Soup Kettle Grille on Overland Road just East of Eagle and had some AMAZING soups and sandwiches! She had a chicken vegetable noodle soup and I had their loaded baked potato. Both were fantastic, and hot, and totally hit the spot! We also got sandwiches and treated ourselves with some Boba smoothies!

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There's also the San Fransico Sour Dough Eatery, which has AMAZING soups inside the most tastiest bread bowls you've ever had in your life! This is a must-try and they have a couple locations; Meridian and Boise! So, next time you're not feeling well and you need some tasty soup to carry you through, I hope this comes in handy!

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