I'm a picky eater, and had never had an empanada, and when it was suggested to me to try this amazing local spot called The Empanada Club, I was a little bit nervous. Spoiler alert: It's my new favorite spot.

Maybe you've driven by and seen The Empanada Club off of Farview in Meridian. It's such a cool little spot with a very clean, modern vibe. They don't have a massive menu but what they do, they do well, and they can put a smile on the face of any type of eater.

My initial thought was to just get the ham and cheese empanada, didn't seem too crazy for my picky pallet, then I worked my way up to the Italian Sausage, and the Carne Picante. Their empanadas come out fresh and hot and tasty and they're totally worth the visit. One day they gave me a free chocolate chip cookie and it was one of the best cookies I've ever had, and I'm a cookie guy FOR SURE.

They have desserts and treats and a variety of options, they even have a Vegan Curry for your vegan friends. Check it out when you get a chance just off of Fairview, just West of Locust Grove in Meridian.

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