I HATE my birthday!  It doesn't have anything to do with getting older, or having people wish me happy birthday all day.  I hate my birthday because I have the bad luck of not having a mother who pushed harder so that I could be born on April 14th, instead of April 15th.....tax day.  I have always waited to file my tax return until October, taking as many extensions as I could, just so I wouldn't have to pay my taxes on my birthday.  But this year we did something different.

We filed our taxes on time for once.....boy were we stupid.  I have been totally bummed out all day, because we have to write a big check to the government.  I hate writing checks to anybody, but it's even worse know that on my birthday, I am giving money to the government that would have bought me a realllllllly reallllllly nice present.

It's not all bad, Amaru Confections brought me in these amazing Bacon Maple cupcakes mad especially for me.

Also at least I am not the person who got this notice from the IRS for overpaying their taxes by 1 cent.  Check it out.  They overpaid and for some reason the government is trying to collect fines and interest.

Mike Kasper,Townsquare medai
Mike Kasper,Townsquare medai

I can't wait till Tax Day falls on a weekend, so I can celebrate my birthday and actually be happy about it.


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