I used to drive around at night listening to my favorite radio station back in ‘09 enjoying the fun night show hosted by John Moug. And I kept listening for years to come knowing he was the funniest on air personality I’d heard, but oblivious to the fact we’d one day be co-hosting a morning show together.

In 2014 a radio contest led me to meeting Moug in person at a downtown event and the chemistry was palpable. Not in a romantic way, but we totally got each other’s humor and it was easy AF to start our friendship.

In the years I have known him personally the constant is genuine kindness and integrity. Always there to help a friend, it’s no wonder multiple people consider him their best friend. He is definitely one of mine. And the way he wants to see everyone succeed in their own right is refreshing, especially in this industry. He has never and would never step on anyone’s neck to get ahead.

Working with him every day is a joy. I spend 5 hours a day having the time of my laughing and laughing on air with him. He’s encouraging when I’m feeling insecure, but also very honest and constructive. I still pinch myself that he’s my work husband. And I don’t get sick of him, so our friendship outside the show is still great.

I am happy to be celebrating his birthday tomorrow. Be sure to blow up our socials with birthday wishes for Mougy Bear.

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