Today my sweet Luna girl turns two! Of course we had to celebrate. What kind of dog mom would I be if we didn't? The best way to celebrate your best fur-friend's birthday is spoiling them with all of their favorite things. There are a handful of things that light up Luna's soul so we I made sure we incorporated all of them into our day.

After work I stopped by Molly's Healthy Pet Food Market in downtown Boise to pick up a delicious (and healthy) birthday treat! Like any dog, Luna loooves her treats. She's spoiled with a Bark Box delivery every month filled with them but we couldn't settle for just any old treats on her birthday. I recommend Molly's whenever you're looking to treat your dog.


More than anything else, Luna loves car rides. We hopped into my car and took a trip to PetSmart where I let her sniff the isles out for a new toy her two. She ended up picking out a new bone and a tennis ball. Once we got home she spent some time enjoying her new birthday toys. After an hour or so she was actually pretty worn out from all the excitement. We ended the day by going for a nice long walk on the greenbelt. Of course there were also lots of belly rubs and snuggles throughout as well.

Do you celebrate your pets' birthdays too or are you normal? DM in the Mix 106 app and let me know how you and your fur friends celebrate.

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