April 15th came and went without having to file taxes or an extension because of the pandemic but the due date is here!

I have yet to file my taxes cause I know there is no return coming my way and I know I owe money this year so I haven't been in any hurry at all. Today, however, is the day. So either you have to file your taxes or you have to file an extension.

Filing an extension is actually pretty easy, as it turns out. If you want do that, head over to IRS.gov (here's the link) and see the instructions. Like I said, pretty easy.

So this is all of course for your Federal Taxes. Idaho state taxes were due a month ago on June 15th so hopefully you did something about that already.

Now if you're getting a refund, why have you waited?!

Death and taxes are the only guarantees in life and today is tax day, so I guess we're lucky, right?

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