Growing up and living most my life in Idaho, there were a few things I learned - football season, south of McCall is all about BSU...North of McCall it's all about Idaho. It's not really dinner without potatoes, and growing up in rural Idaho, you never had to lock you doors. I've been to a lot of other states in my life, but none are quite like Idaho and I still think our habits here are pretty cool. How many of these unshakeable Idahoan habits have you caught yourself doing?

 Here, according to Only in Your State are uniquely Idaho habits that Idahoans can't unlearn

  1. Valuing function over fashion - You probably won't find an Idahoan under dressed in the winter or overdressed in the summer. We aren't into the latest fashion trends and are more concerned with comfort....need proof, you can still see 80s mall bangs in a lot of urban areas of Idaho. Heck, I  still see them here in the Treasure Valley.
  2. Greeting strangers on the street - We are just as friendly to passerby on the street as we are to our own neighbors, even if it's just a simple smile or nod. I can remember growing up, that my dad would wave at every single car that he would pass on the road...there was no way he knew everyone, but didn't want to be unfriendly.
  3. Looking for huckleberries on a mountain hike - Every Idahoan knows that huckleberries are like gold during the summer and we just can't resist looking for them when we are out on a hike. I admit it I am a serious huckleberry-a-holic. I love them. Don't get me wrong, I HATE huckleberry picking or hunting as my grandparents called it...but I do love pie, jam and delicious huckleberry Ice cream, so I do keep an eye out...even at road side fruit stands.
  4. Leaving our cars and houses unlocked - Idahoans are trusting people... maybe a little too trusting. My parents still never lock their doors..however they own a lot of guns and they know how to use them...and you never know if one of them is home.
  5. Eating meat and potatoes for every meal - We definitely know our potatoes in Idaho and we can cook some pretty good meat, too. These are two staples Idahoans never tire of. We grew and butchered our own beef and hogs, so we always had some sort of meat and potatoes at almost every meal...but dinner especially. I was definitely raised as a meat and potatoes Idaho boy
  6. Consuming too much Mountain Dew - If we could have an official state beverage I'm pretty sure Mountain Dew would be it. My kids still love Mountain Dew and growing up, after every football practice I would buy two Ice cold to drink down in about 5 seconds to quench my thirst and the other to slowly savor and enjoy. I don't drink Mountain Dew so much any more, I think it has something to do about drinking from an Ice cold glass bottle then as opposed to a can or plastic bottle's just not the same.
  7. Cringing when someone says they just moved here from out of state - Idahoans are friendly but also quite territorial. Still, with Idaho recently being announced as the fastest growing state in the US, we better get used to some new faces around here! Experts are predicting that the Treasure Valley should increase from around 700,000 people now to at least a million people by 2035.
  8. Getting dirty - Idahoans don't mind getting dirty. Especially if it's a truck or some other 4 wheel drive vehicle. Having something dirty laying around is a sign that you've been out having some fun or doing a hard days work.
  9. Feeling an immense amount of pride in our college sports teams - Idaho doesn't have any official pro sports teams so all of our enthusiasm is saved for our college teams. You're either a Vandal or a Bronco and heaven help you if you live in a divided household like I do. I was born in Moscow and my parents both attended the U of I and I was a die hard Vandal for years, but since about 2002, and culminating with the Fiesta Bowl victory in 2007, I am now a tried and true Bronco, while the rest of my family are Vandals.  I can't even give my nieces and nephews BSU gear, because my sister will throw them away
  10. Idahoans are great drivers because a lot of us start driving at around 11 years old. I'm one of those who was driving "illegally" between fields on the farm at around 11. I started driving legally at 14, even at nights with a signature from the Lewis County sheriff. Night time driving in Idaho is only legal after age 16.

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