The Travel Channel made another recent visit to Boise last year to film a new episode for a new season of Man vs Food with host Casey Web...the air date has finally been released.

For this seasons visit to Boise, new host Casey Web, visits local restaurants, Superb Sushi, Edge Brewing Company and Westside Drive in. According to the Travel Channel you'll be able to see these episodes beginning Monday January 22nd, with re-broadcasts for the next few weeks, see full Boise episode schedule here.

The most difficult eating task in my opinion is the Demon’s Delight challenge at Superb Sushi.

You can watch just how difficult the challenge is here, when some of our Mix 106 colleagues tried to take the challenge.

According to Superb Sushi’s web site, the “Demon’s Delight Challenge” is comprised of “miso soup from hell” and a sushi roll accompanied by a side of “death sauce.”

If you are able to choke down the “Demon’s Delight” in 10 minutes or less, you get the meal for free, a t-shirt and you will live in food glory forever by getting your photo put up on the Sushi Wall of Flame (and you better stop for Ice cream on the way home, cause this will burn just as much coming out as it did going in)

It's not the first time the Travel Channel's Man vs Food has visited Boise...The original host Adam Rickman made stops for the food challenge at Big Judd's, Flying Pie Pizza and Rockies Diner.

If the Food Channel comes back to the Treasure Valley, may I suggest Indian Creek's 72 oz Steak Challenge. The owner says that nobody has come close to getting even half of it down...Can it be done? Only time will tell.

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