Have you noticed the price of chocolate has skyrocketed over the past year or so? Get ready for even more price increases, because the world is running out of chocolate as we know it.

Some people say all you need is love, but I happen to think that a little chocolate every now and then doesn't hurt. I don't have the world's biggest sweet tooth but can usually go for a bite of chocolate or chocolate chip cookies with ice cold chocolate milk.

In our land of plenty, losing access to chocolate has never even crossed my mind. However, this nightmare is starting to look like a definite possibility.

According to a recent report by two of the world's largest chocolate producers, our favorite sweet treat could begin to disappear by 2020, with some people estimating that at our current rate a s Snickers or Hersey Bar will cost $10 to $12 per bar by 2030.

The increasing gap between how much chocolate the world consumes and how much manufacturers can produce and grow is becoming larger and larger by each day. It's caused by things such disease and drought as well as the increasing popularity of dark chocolate which needs more cocoa to be produced.

Manufacturers believe that there will be a 1  million metric ton deficit by 2020 and 2 million metric ton deficit by 2030 if we keep consuming chocolate at they rate we do today.

As a response to the growing demand, Hershey and other chocolate manufacturers have upped the prices of their bars as much as 60 percent and scientists are working to create a chocolate supply that is as cheap as it is plentiful. Unfortunately, according to some, this mass produced chocolate will not have the same great flavor as the candies we currently love.

If chocolate disappears from the grocery stores in the next 2 years would you be totally fine or completely devastated? Let me know your thoughts at: mike.kasper@townsquaremedia.com


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