The Idaho State Treasurers office has a big stack of money, and a portion of it may actually belong to you! I've got $50 coming my way that I didn't even know about!

Have you heard of the State of Idaho's unclaimed property website? Essentially, the way I understand it, is that sometimes a person or a company tries to send money to you but maybe you've had an address or name change or something of the like and it ends up getting sent back. Eventually, that money goes to the state and gets put in a fund.

In my case, I had an old bank account and an old car insurance company who apparently tried sending money that belonged to me, it never arrived because I've moved so many times, and then it ended up in the state's hands. Well, I did a simple search, found what's mine, filled out a form and a check is on the way!

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This is apparently a pretty common occurrence. So much so that the state of Idaho has about $110 MILLION dollars in unclaimed property, waiting to be claimed. In fact, they've paid out over $1.3 million dollars just since the beginning of this year. So maybe you have some waiting for you, maybe it's a little and maybe it's a lot, it's certainly worth looking into. For me, I can't wait to get this fifty-something dollars that's coming my way because I am going to use it to splurge on something cool for me. Maybe a good lunch, some cheap tech thing, who knows! Go see what you've got coming your way!

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