Do you hate glitter? How it get's everywhere & never comes off? Well now you can send glitter hate mail.

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Ke$ha may love glitter but most people hate the stuff. In fact Ship Your Enemies Glitter hates what some "people call it the herpes of the craft world" so much.. That they've made it their mission to send glitter to your enemies.

It's simple concept really, you pay them & give them an address. They send an envelope full of glitter mixed in with a note explaining why that terrible person got an envelope full for craft herpes. It's even inexpensive only $8.14 US, $9.99 AUD.

The only thing now to decide if someone deserves to be glittered or not. But as many people as I want to send glitter too, I kinda just want to glitter myself . Yes I'm one of those weird people like Ke$ha who loves glitter. How funny would it be to open my glitter envelope in the Mix 106 studio??