It's the best season of the year - it's Girl Scout Cookie Season!! Give me all the Thin Mints, the Caramel d-Lites, and Tagalongs please. Ordering your favorites and supporting our local entrepreneurial Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council has just been made easier than ever. This year, Girl Scouts has partnered with the food delivery service Grubhub to make sure you get your cookie-fix in a contactless delivery fashion.

Starting Friday February 26th you will be able to order Girl Scout Cookies from the Silver Sage Council through Grubhub. It's simple. Customers can place an order through the app. After the local troop receives the order, they will prepare and fulfill the order and send it out to be delivered by Grubhub carrier for contactless delivery. Deliveries will be made directly to your door Monday - Thursday 3 PM - 9 PM and Friday - Sunday 9 AM - 9 PM.

Every year Girl Scouts across America are tasked with selling cookies to raise money for their troops. The cookie drive promotes financial literacy for the scouts and teaches them modern business skills while giving them the opportunity to raise money for trips, earn badges, and gain life skills. For this reason, Grubhub is waiving its fees to ensure that 100 percent of the money stays local and that the troops receive the full proceeds.

You're still able to find Girl Scouts selling selling cookies in-persona mainly at Albertson's, WalMart, and a few Lowe's locations around the Treasure Valley. While the Grubhub option ensures a much quicker cookie delivery, you can also order cookies using the Digital Cookie® platform and order from a specific troop using using their digital cookie link.

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