I think I have a new guilty pleasure in town. It’s called Twisted Sugar and they’re responsible for baking award-winning cookies and other sweet treats. This place is like heaven on earth for those with a sweet tooth.

Twisted Sugar just recently opened here in Boise at 10804 W Fairview Avenue. According to the bakery, these cookies aren’t just delicious but they’re an experience. Experience them for yourself in a variety of options.

Twisted Sugar offers twenty flavors of cookies. They even have gluten-free options. Customers will never go bored either with new cookies added to the menu each month. This month, enjoy Peach Shortbread and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Honestly - these cookies taste just as beautiful as they look! Take a scroll through their IG.

Cookies aren’t Twisted Sugar’s only specialty. In addition to all their cookies, they also serve more than 100 flavors of specialty sodas. You can start with your favorite soda and then create your own unique combination - the possibilities are endless with that many flavors! Or you can pick from their soda menu for a Twisted Sugar Favorite.

Be prepared to load up on a sugar rush when you walk through these doors. In addition to sodas and cookies, Twisted Sugar also serves up gourmet ice cream sandwiches and “Twisters” which are similar to shakes.

With Twisted Sugar being so new to Boise, they’re giving customers one free cookie this weekend only with any purchase. All you have to do is present them with this Facebook post.

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