No one does this on purpose, but what if it were out of your control? I'll share the story and I'll tell you about my most humiliating first date.

I went on a lot of first dates in my single days and I would have to say the single most embarrassing moment for me happened at Yardhouse. I was eating bread that was part of some appetizer or something and I started to take a drink of my beer. Somewhere between me starting to take a sip of my drink and swallowing it, there was a sharp piece of bread that tickled my throat. Let me tell you how humiliating it was when I SPIT MY BEER ACROSS THE TABLE INTO HER FACE AND HAIR. I couldn't believe it. I was horrified, embarrassed, somehow trying to play it cool knowing I had screwed it up permanently. Maybe it was a bad omen, maybe it was just a bad moment. We did go on one more date after that but it wasn't a match.

That doesn't hold a candle to the guy who was on a first date and his best friend sent over a cake that had "will you marry me" written on it? Could you imagine the confusion on the part of EVERYONE INVOLVED? The guy, the woman, the server, what an incredibly awkward moment. But, what are friends for? It looks like they were all able to laugh it off but I would have some words for that friend, for sure!

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