I noticed two things when people were living quarantine life: Everyone started podcasts and making bread. But the former has been on the rise for years now. Joe Rogan notably has a very successful podcast, though often polarizing. But that's the beauty of podcasting. The freedom to speak openly about any subject no matter how niche. But not everyone has a home studio for such things. But Speak Studios is solving that problem for aspiring podcasters.

Originating in Spokane, Washington, Speak Studios just recently expanded their podcasting venture with a studio right here in Boise! The concept as detailed on the website is simple: "Have you always wanted to start a podcast but don’t know where to start? Let Speak help you. Speak is one of the fastest growing podcasting platforms in the country. We have state-of-the-art facilities that offer production and distribution of your podcast completely free! No fees or cost to you the Creator."

But how can they offer these services for free? Most of their revenue comes from sponsors and advertisers, which allows you to embark on your podcasting dreams free of charge with their primary membership. They do also offer paid memberships which give you more perks, including after-hours studio access.

You can book a tour at speakstudios.com and sign on to be a creator. Whether it's pop culture, true crime, parenting, or even underwater basket weaving, Speak Studios in Boise has the space for you to get creative with whatever podcast genre you like!


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