You say "lazy", I say "efficient".

Here are four of the craziest apps I've seen for people who are too lazy to do things for themselves.

  • LorenzoPatoia

    Pump your Gas

    I cannot tell you how many times I have let my gas tank fall to "E". I am awful when it comes to remembering to fill it until the light reminds me! I would totally use a service like this!

    Purple allows you to choose the type of fuel, the amount you want, and the time frame you need it in. Someone will come pick up your car, fill it with gas, and drop it off!

    Unfortunately, it's not available in Boise yet. But, the second it is, SIGN. ME. UP!

  • BartekSzewczyk

    See a Doctor

    I have actually used this app before and I think it's great, for certain situations. Having kids myself, I know how much of a pain it is to drag them to the doctor when they don't feel well. Sitting in an uncomfortable waiting area with other sick kids before being taken to an exam room and waiting yet again, it can be miserable. Especially, when you may already know the diagnosis.

    The Doctor on Demand app lets you "see" a licensed physician virtually. Using the camera on your device, you can video chat with a professional and they can (in most cases) diagnose your condition and even prescribe medication. Something like "pink eye", a rash, or muscle strains are much easier with this app.

    They also have options for mental health, which I have also used and love.

  • Martin Poole
    Martin Poole

    Do your Laundry

    I HATE doing laundry. I don't mind shoving it in the washing machine or the dryer, but I always fall short in the "folding" area.

    Rinse lets you schedule dry cleaning and laundry services. They will pick it up and drop it off, washed and folded! You don't even have to be home for either. Leave it on your doorstep like dry cleaning and BAM, you come home to clean clothes!

  • Solovyova

    Walk the Dog

    Swifto takes dog walking to a whole new level. A professional dog walker with pick up your furry friend and take them on a walk. You can track the entire route from your phone in real-time! They even send a picture of your dog on the walk to your phone via text or email.

    If you're using the service because you can't get home to let them out, you'll get a text when they pick up and drop off your dog, with a full report of how it went.

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