Every Dad Needs A Treehouse
Treehouse for the kids? Sure. At the very least, it's a good cover up to say it's "for the kids". This ER Doctor proved why every dad needs a treehouse.
These Are the Hardest Jobs to Fill in Boise
If you've got education and training in one of these health-care positions, your odds of finding a job in the Treasure Valley are really good.  There's a shortage of people like you, and these openings can sit open for weeks or months because HR can't find the right match.
Idaho Ranked No. 4 Best Place To Practice Medicine
Idaho is on yet another list. This time, we are ranked the number 4 best place to practice medicine in the U.S., in a new ranking by the health care industry publication Medscape. Medscape’s ranking factored in Idaho’s quality of life, and spacious, slower paced …