I'm officially an adult by writing this article. You would think there are several other adulting red flags like I'm married with some little kids but no. It's this one that seals the deal.

Costco is jumping on the 100 calorie trend by offering their own Kirkland brand of Vodka Pops.

I say that I'm officially grown because I'm more worried about my almost 2 going on 16 little girl who could grab the wrong one. We have these Pedialyte pops in the freezer along with popsicles that we battle over. I can't imagine making that mistake and trying to explain this to the wifey! That said ladies, I'm finding out if I can give some away on-air because you deserve this minor luxury.

This is exactly what it looks like. It's an alcoholic popsicle that I'm thinking gives you a little buzz at 8% alcohol volume. Are we REALLY having just one? You can expect over 100-degree temperatures in the upcoming days and Summer isn't over. Buy some freezer pops for the family and slide a few of these in. Maybe you don't really feel like having that Truly and who can keep up with the million different alcoholic seltzers right now. Freeze a pop and call it a day!

Photo by: Paige W
Photo by: Paige W


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