If you don't think we're living in the future, we've got news for you - we just got flying cars... well, sorta.

The FAA Approves The World's First Flying Car

According to a report from Fox Business, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the world's first flying car for limited testing. It's enough for the company behind the vehicle to begin preorders on the vehicle.

Before we get to the vehicle specs and what we could expect, it's important to note how massive this breakthrough really is. If this makes its way to Idaho, it could completely change the way we commute and drastically improve the services we currently use.

Sure, first responders have air support in some form or another, imagine vehicles that they could use both on the road and in the sky. Also, in the long run, it could completely change the way we transport goods and services.

Are there limitations? Of course. Does it create a new field of issues? It sure does. But, we always figure it out right? The point here is that we are living in an age where flying cars are now a thing.

Let's look into the company behind the vehicle, how much it costs, and some of the specs...

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Unfortunately, if we do get flying cars in Idaho there's still a chance that problems and nuisances could arise. Imagine someone trying to tailgate you in the sky and not only how annoying that would be, but it would turn into a scene right out of Top Gun.

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