Treasure Valley traffic, oh, what fun.

If you've ever found yourself caught in the hustle and bustle of Treasure Valley rush hour, you'll probably notice Idaho drivers have their unique approach to traffic laws. It's almost as if they cherry-pick which laws to follow based on how much they do or don't inconvenience them.

Even the best Idaho drivers make mistakes behind the wheel.

In reality, even the best Boise-area drivers make mistakes behind the wheel. But what separates the best drivers from the rest often comes down to a matter of choice. Careful drivers make a conscious effort to follow Idaho's road rules. They also go out of their way to consider other drivers and do what it takes not to be a jerk behind the wheel.

Selective Attention Behind the Wheel

Then there's the crowd who exercises selective adherence to traffic laws that can lead to hectic driving patterns, potentially putting themselves and others at risk. Opinions aside, it's important to remember Idaho rules are meant to protect all road users and ensure smooth traffic flow.

As we navigate Gem State roads, let's keep in mind the driving laws in the gallery below.

Keep scrolling for seven of Idaho's most overlooked diving laws.

🚨The 7 Most Forgotten and Ignored Idaho Traffic Laws

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Scroll on for a look at Idaho's handiest speeding loophole!

The Speeding Loophole All Idaho Drivers Should Know & Use

Did you know that according to Idaho speed limit laws, locals can only go up to 15 miles per hour above the speed limit to pass a slow vehicle on a highway? Handy right? But, this doesn't give Idahoans a free pass to speed whenever they want.

⬇️Scroll for a quick recap on Idaho's unique speeding loophole...

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Scroll on for the right way to pass on the right in Idaho. 

How to Legally (& Safely) Pass on the Right in Idaho

Read on for a clear understanding of when it's legal to pass on the right in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Scroll on for a look at Idaho's deadliest winter road. 

7 Factors That Make Highway 75 Idaho's Deadliest Winter Drive

A drive down Idaho's Highway 75 is beautiful in the snowy winter months! But as magnificent as the scenery is, the danger of driving along this road shouldn't be underestimated.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Scroll on for Idaho's law about barefoot driving. 

🚨 Can You Get Arrested for Driving Shoeless in Idaho?

🚘BOISE, Idaho. Logic and about 20 years of experience behind the wheel tells us driving sans footwear is a pretty risky, even reckless idea. But does that mean it's illegal?

Scroll on for a quick peek at Idaho's stance on the issue!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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