Sometimes, you just need to get away from everyone and everything. We're not talking about vacations either, but rather, a place you can call your own in Idaho that is away from the booming areas. A place that has a single structure on it... and a price tag of $375,000.

The price is a real bargain

When we look at this property, we have to remember one major thing: investment. It could pay off in the short term but if you're willing to play the long game, you could make your money back and then some.

Keep scrolling to find out why this garage in Richfield, Idaho has a $375,000 price tag...

Here's Why This $375k Idaho Garage Is An Absolute STEAL

There's a good reason why this garage costs what it does! It's actually a really good deal too...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

If you can wait it out or perhaps even pass it along to family, all that land could end up being worth a lot more someday. That doesn't mean we don't come across property prices that will make you scratch your head. As a matter of fact, we found one that actually infuriated a few people when they learned the price of one property.

Scroll on to see a 3-bedroom home with a price tag that some are calling "offensive"...

The Price Of This 3-Bedroom Idaho Home Will Offend You

What makes this home worth $1.25 million? We're about to show you... do you agree with the price?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

We found one home in Idaho that seemingly has everything. Seriously, if you lived in this house, you would never have to leave home again. Source of food? This home has it. Endless entertainment? You bet it does!

Scroll on to see a home that if you owned, you'll never want to leave...

10 Luxurious Reasons To Never Leave This Idaho Home

The home for sale is located in Idaho Falls and if you buy it... you'll see there are ten perfect reasons why you'll never want to leave.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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