Best Pandemic At Home Workouts
This ongoing pandemic thing has made going to the gym with a bunch of sweaty, hot-breathed people a whole lot less appealing (not that I was every a GTL kind of guy). However, over the past few months I have figured out a few things that make working out at home a little bit better.
Changes in Downtown Boise
The cost of parking on the street in downtown Boise is $1 per hour at every metered spot. This is less than parking in the Downtown garages, which charge $2.50 per hour, after a free first hour, with a maximum weekday charge of $12. The parking fee structure should be the other way around.
I Think I Need Another Weekend
I just made the move to the Treasure Valley from Tennessee.  We have an awesome house in Meridian that my wife, son, and I get to call home.  We're originally from the Northwest (Seattle and Spokane) so this is very exciting to come "home...