My wife just asked me if I heard about the LOL Dolls controversy. No. I can't keep up with all the drama in the world right now but how is this even possible. Have YOU heard about these LOL Dolls?

It's trending and the sweet wifey saw people posting including our friend at KTVB, Maggie O'Mara. I'm telling you when moms speak, they all listen. That's when I get the call.

It's safe to say that mothers across the country are irate and lawsuits will follow. The story goes like this. If you dip one of these dolls with no clothes in the water her body magically appears to have things written on her. The little doll might be wearing a bikini, thinks on her breasts, and tattoos. I promise this isn't a fake news stunt. Just grab one and try it for yourself because moms are pissed. This is coming after the Trolls Dolls were pulled from shelves because the dolls had a secret button between the legs with inappropriate sounds when pushed.

I've been reading up on this and some people are saying it's marketed like this. I watched the video and they mention changing in water. I'll post the commercial and you be the judge.

Here was trolls drama.

I'm sure this is going to go out of control tonight because this is just trending. I'm sure we'll get the statement coming soon. Download the Mix App and we'll keep you posted on dollgate!

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