If you feel like you've looked for love everywhere and had no luck, maybe it's time to go underground.

Subway Matchmaker
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There is a matchmaker in New York City that finds all of her clients underground. During rush hour she can be found in the subway tunnels, asking complete strangers if they're single. Above ground she is hired by a client. Once she finds out what this client is looking for in a partner, she goes under, into the subways and starts searching.

I love this idea! Not everyone in a matchmaker's database is going to fit what another client is looking for. This is completely thinking outside the box. And it's worked. Her efforts have resulted in a marriage and numerous relationships!

I know we don't have a subway system here, but this could work in Boise. It might involve a matchmaker on a hover craft, cruising through the parking lot of I-84 at rush hour or maybe it's at The Boise Music Festival or America On Tap or the Race for the Cure. Maybe I need to start a new business....?

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