"Koegel's on the Road" is coming to Meridian in May, and bringing along all their high quality German Favorites, including, "Braunshweiger", just in time for your Memorial Day BBQ!

I've had this stuff before, and let me tell you, it's fantastic! Get ready to buy a boat load because we don't know when Koegel's will be back again.

All types of sausages, pickled meats, summer sausage, ring bologna, garlic rings, pickled rings and pickled loafs, mac n cheese loafs, different cheeses, curds and spreads, they'll have it all when Koegel's on the road comes to Meridian on May 23rd, from noon-three at the Holiday Inn Express just off the freeway in Meridian, and just in time for Memorial Day Weekend and the official kick off to BBQ season!

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My wife comes from a German family, in fact, she was born in Germany and she has raved at length about this Braunshweiger, so to me, that's legit! Things like this are pretty cool and it's a nice change up, not that we don't have awesome options for meats here in the Treasure Valley, but to have a chance to get your hands on something unique and different and quite FRANKly (see what I did there?), limited. So mark your calendar and get ready for the summer of tasty meats, German themed! And if you don't feel like being too daring or crazy, you can just pile up on high quality skinless franks and viennas and have the hottest hot dogs on the block!

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