Food Trucks

A Laid Back Friday Night Date Night Idea
If it's been a while since your date night involved a food truck, tonight is your night. It will be a good spot to meet that Tinder guy you've been talking to or hang out with friends. And there's wine involved.
Food Trucks in Boise Are Big Business
More food trucks are seen around Boise these days.  Ya love Tiki Teriyaki, The Kilted Kod, and the Funky Taco?  Me too. Food trucks are huge.  It's a business opportunity for lots of people all over the country, including an NBA player now.  Check it out.
Racing Food Trucks
I rarely see a food truck moving. It's always just parked there, waiting for me to come up and order something yummy to shove in my face. These trucks do move though and there is a food truck race!