Fall officially started 36 days ago and I have yet to take proper basic AF fall pictures with leaves and pumpkins and spinning around while holding a latte'. I'm just so busy with work, running, errands, working out, and trying to catch up on sleep, I haven't taken the time! After complaining about this to my husband, he pointed out we need new family photos also.

Our only family photo that wasn't taken by a phone was almost nine years ago! We went to a JC Penney portrait studio and after a thousand poses I only liked one. So we ordered it in a ridiculous size, and the rage I felt when we picked up this framed monstrosity. They cut off part of my head! They professionally ruined the picture. I've clearly been soured on family photos ever since.

But my son is now ten years old and we added a sibling to the mix three years ago. I would love to fill the house with framed photos of our family, especially now that we've started our next chapter in the Treasure Valley. I'm not going to a studio again, as those days of photography are all but dead. I want us to take pictures out in nature!

Treasure Valley, help me out! Where are the best locations to take family photos? And who have you hired to take those photos? I know there must be some excellent photographers here with Instagram portfolios I can look through, but I need to know where to start!



Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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