I always look forward to the fall. In fact, I feel like the second half of the year typically flies by compared to the first but this year, fall is going to be way different. I'll miss the sound of marching bands practicing in the distance...

I know, that's an odd bit. But I was a band kid growing up and pretty much everywhere I've lived as adult, there's been a school close enough to where you can hear the band practicing. I live pretty close to Meridian High School and that's the one redeeming quality of living anywhere near a school. The echo of a drumline is such a familiar sound to me, even though I never actually was a drummer. I was a Tuba player in middle, high school and college and football and band are ultimately the first indicators of fall in my book.

Football will be different; high school, college, NFL. Halloween parties will be different, Christmas will be adjusted. It's definitely going to be a different type of fall but the good thing is, here in Idaho, we have such gorgeous falls that it'll make up for some of the other. And we'll still have all the basic fall things like pumpkin spice, so we'll make it work.

Cheers to the fall!